Bunaken or bust

From Manado, we took the boat over to Bunaken. The price was 50,000Rp, which is more than wikitravel said it should cost, but we checked with others on the boat and everyone was paying the same as us.

The loser stands up

The boat ride takes about an hour. It was a pretty small and cramped boat, with the locals playing cards, in a game in which the loser has to stand up for a period.

We chatted to an Australian guy sitting near us, who enthralled us with his tales of Indonesian women. Apparently he had been married to an Indonesian girl, who he now described as “poisonous”. According to him, he had wanted to buy property on Bunaken, but as foreigners cannot purchase property, he had bought the place in her name. As far as he was concerned she had bought the land, and each year presented him with the various bills and official papers. Eventually, he found out that she hadn't bought the property at all but had pilfered the money (I forget how he found out exactly).

Knowing that he was on to her, she planted drugs in his room, and called the cops. He was taken and held in a cell, but then mysteriously released after a few days (mysterious given the infamous drug laws in Indonesia). Sometime later he decided to investigate further and visited the local police station. Apparently they had no record of his arrest, he recognized none of their faces, and the guns the “police” that had taken him had, were not of the same type issued to the real police. He realised she had hired some men to impersonate police to scare him out of the country, so she could keep the money without any hassle. Ever determined, he said he was not going to be intimated and was still here and on his way to Bunaken. I don't know how much is true, but it made for an interesting story to pass the boat ride at any rate!

Snorkeling in Bunaken

Bunaken was a nice sleepy little island. Of course everyone is there for the scuba, but we were scuba'd out at the time, so just did some snorkeling over the dropoff, and general chilling out exploring the little villages.


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