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How to get to the Banda Islands

After spending a few weeks in and around the cities of Java, we decided we needed a very different experience in Indonesia, consisting of relaxation, beach and scuba. Following some detailed research, we settled on the Banda Islands as our first location. The Banda Islands are a small collection of ...

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Extending a visa in Labuan Bajo, Flores

Indonesia is a big country, a really big country, and that is particularly obvious when you are from the UK, which is vastly smaller than just one of the Idonesia islands like Sumatra. Getting around this leviathon can take time, and if like me you didn't bother planning ahead ...

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We arranged accommodation in Kanawa at the Kanawa Tourism Office in Lubuan Bajo (it's on a corner in the main strip in town past “Warung Mama”). There is only one place to stay on Kanawa, and they no longer offered the cheaper bale accommodation, so we ended up paying ...

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Yogjakarta to Mt Bromo without a tour

Yogjakarta provides plenty of tour operators selling all inclusive tours to visit Mt Bromo. These usually entail shelling out a couple of million Rupiah for the privilege of getting intimately acquainted with your fellow travellers by virtue of practically sitting on their knee for 12 hours during a long hot ...

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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do --- Mark Twain

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