• Beautiful Mt. Bromo

    East Java, Easter sunday, April 2015
  • Koh Phangnan Sunset

    Thailand, February 2015
  • Borobodur temple at sunrise

    Worth the 4am wakeup call?
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Cabo de la Vela and Punta Gallinas: the most northern point in South America

Having been to Ushuaia (arguably the southern-most city in the world), I felt that I should mark a milestone in my journey by visiting the most northern point of continental South America six months later. 

A guide to Santiago


I spent a month in Santiago in April 2017. This was something of a work break to try and recuperate some funds after the expensive trip around Patagonia.

Hiking in Bariloche

After a 20 hour, overnight bus-ride from Buenos Aires, I arrived in Bariloche disheveled and in need of a shower. The journey itself, with Viabariloche, wasn't so bad. It included meals (Milanesas, coffee, rice, jelly, alfajores) and a comfy "cama" seat, but my legs felt like those of an astronaut returning to earth after I finally got off the bus.

Three months in Buenos Aires

I spent three months in Buenos Aires from November until early March, during the notoriously hot and humid summer. In this post, I’ll share some tips for both short-term visitors to the city and perhaps also expats coming to live here for a little longer. Buenos Aires is a charming city with a European feel in some sense. It is often called the “Paris of South America”. It’s not surprising that in a city of immigrants there is a wide mix of cultures blending into one. Obviously there is a large Spanish influence, but the Italian influence is ...

Tonga: A one day itinerary for Tongatapu

Tongatapu is the principal island of the group of islands that compose The Kingdom of Tonga. It's the island that international visitors fly into and is small enough to see in just about a day with the help of a rental car. I'd probably recommend 2 days though if you'd like to spend some time relaxing at the various beautiful beaches. For me the highlights were the great isolated beaches that can be driven to, and the ubiquitous sea wall that surrounds the coast almost all around the island, creating blow holes, rock pools and tremendous crashing ...


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